Bushel Boxes

Ash Green Organics is able to supply Bushel Boxes for display purposes only on a temporary lease basis to customers across the UK. Our customers include: Theatres, Film Production Companies and PR Agencies who hire our Bushel Boxes for background displays at exhibitions, backdrops in film-sets, theatre props and a range of other promotional display purposes.

The benefits of leasing Bushel Boxes as opposed to buying them is clear when considering cost, storage, shipping and/or collection. Leasing Bushel Boxes can be a much more flexible way of using these traditional containers for your own, modern uses! 
We have a large quantity of Bushel Boxes which hold 18kg (40lb) and are 37cm (W) x 54cm (L) x 29cm (D).  579cm³ (Cubic Centimetres).  Each box is between 35 – 70 years old and will be supplied in a good state of repair. For a free quotation please email us or call Mark Temple  on 07798 941 560.