Our Orchards

Meanwhile, back at the orchards! The care applied to the variety of trees being farmed in an entirely 100% organic fashion is the reason why people love the fruit we produce. No herbicides or pesticides of any kind whatsoever are used even when we acquire a new orchard which is then put into 'conversion'.  We rely on one of nature's best pest controllers: the humble ladybug who have helped keep the fly population down to a minimum and protect our fruit.

40 acres of apple orchards across Kent produce some of the finest varieties of apples which grow in the UK. The orchards comprise large half-standard size trees planted between 40 and 60 years ago and are of a wide range of varieties including: Discovery, Grenadier, Laxton Fortune, Laxton Superb, Worcester Tidyman, Worcester Permain, Spartan, Russet, Coxes, Crispin, Pearl, James Greaves, Winter Permain, Bramley, Howgate Wonder, Gala, Katy, Blenheim Orange, Ellison Orange, Crawley Beauty, Gladstone, Charles Ross, d'Arcy Spice, Sunset, Herefordshire Russett, and Red Devils. as well as few fairly young plum & pear trees of mixed varity - we'll let you know about these when the fruit is ready! Variety of Plum are: Count Althans Gage, Czar, Opal, Victoria, Marjories Seedling, Merryweather, Oullin's Gage and a few variety of Quince have also been planted: Meeches Prolific, Portugal, Vranja.

The season starts in mid August and carries through to mid October; apples are picked perfectly ripe a day or two prior to sale. Certain varieties are picked and stored allowing availability until as late as Christmas. Many of the varieties which are grown in our orchards are uncommon in today's modern apple production; the age and variety of the trees within the orchard have allowed the textures and flavours to become deep and wonderful - we think you'll agree!